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There is no magic cure for all people. Each person is different. But, here is the general idea to loose weight.

Consume less calories, exercise more.

I assume that I am going to get nasty comments, but the combination of those two things are what will really help in the long run. You may drop 20 lbs on the latest fad diet, but you'll gain it back when the diet wears thin!

One piece of advice I want to share is this though. If you are craving chocolate, eat chocolate. Or ice cream, chips, what ever it is your craving. But do it in moderation. This is how I would end up....

Hmmm I want candy. I will have an apple.

10 min later.....

Apple didnt do it, I'll have some fruit snacks.

10 min later......

That didn't work. Maybe a small cookie or two.

10 min later....

Argh! Fine. I'll just eat the whole king size candy bar.

I would end up consuming WAY more calories than if I would have just eaten the stupid candy.

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Thats what I ask all the time too but i always get a stupid answer until now haha lol


You are so right! There's a pretty hefty price to pay in eating 'anything' to cure a craving. I can't remember there ever being a moment in my life when I substituted fruit, water or healthy snack for what I really wanted, and got a positive result. Eating what we want in moderation makes sense. I know some really thin people who seem to eat junk all the time. Now I know how they stay thin. They never eat a lot at one time.


Lo freeken L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats freeken hilarious!! bcus its true...after my baby my cravings didnt go away...ahahaha!!!
anyways..i have lost 20 pounds eating in moderation also and drink green tea 2times a day..excercising 4 days a me there is no magic trick..U HAVE TO EXCERCISE AND NOT BE A LAZY FAT SLOB..i could say fat bcuz i was fat no im still in the process..need to loose about 10pounds and i will be content with myself..

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