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The cure rate of the officially accepted theories/treatments is a proof of their effectiviness (lower than 4%).
This treatment is from Tamara Lebedewa
who proved that tumors are the last stage of cancer take over and are formed by a parasite, 16 years ago.
Search the WEB.
Nistatin 10 to 14 days to kill fungus.
Metronidazol or similar for 5/6 days, four times/day to kill the parasites that cause tumors.
Repeat after 15 and 30 days because the effectiviness of metronidazol is about 70 to 90% and one application will not kill all parasites.
These remedies have no harm side effects. Ask your dock about them if you are uncertain.
Recommended procedures:
C vitamin as many as your stomach can support.
Fruits and vegetables as many you can eat.
Maintain blood clean with the Beck electric pulser. See the WEB.
Stimulate liver and kidneys to help your body to get rid of dead parasites.
Make dark field microscopic examinations of your blood before and after treatment to see the effectiveness.

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