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kombucha tea. seriously, check it out!! for much more than just cancer, too much to tell about it. it is amazing! from nightmears to cancer it is your way to good health. its is a preventitave and a cure. use a search engine for full info and instructions on how to make it. do not ignore this if you have health problems. you will not regret it.

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My husband and I have recently started drinking kombucha. We were both amazed by all of its healing properties!!


Kombucha is amazing! I brew at home. EZ to do, too. Kombucha is an alive culture, like the bacteria in yogurt, vinegar, kefir, wine and beer, that in moderation helps keep your natural flora and fauna in check. So MUCH to learn about the benefits of Kombucha! Be aware that the best Kombucha does have small amount of alcohol due to the natural fermentaition process...


Does anyone know how much and how often I should drink in order to shrink the tumor? Which brand is better? I'd like to try the product in the market first before brewing it myself. Thanks.

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