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my son has had eczema since he was born. He has it on behind his knees and on top of his feet. he used to scratch so much he would bleed. (it's hard to get a toddler to no scratch!) we tried EVERYTHING! even hte very expensive prescription stuff. the only thing that has worked for him is BAG BALM! every night after bath it was aour ritual, feet and legs covered in bag balm. now the only time we have to do that is in the winter, it gets really dry here. but it keeps the itching and redness away. it's inexpensive as well. look for it at walmart or pet stores.(it was made for dry cracked cow udders) it's in a green square tin. i swear by it!

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My son and I both have eczema, but I have it in a particularly embarrassing and difficult to treat location. It's complicated by three factors:

1) It's not somewhere I want to be rubbing lotion or anything else several times a day.
2) It's a natural channel for sweat, which aggravates and inflames the eczema.
3) It's exposed to bodily excretions that can contain lots of substances, including bacteria, that might cause problems. In particular, I've found that spicy foods will cause an eczema flare up on the way out.

The absolute best thing I've found so far, including prescriptions, is bag balm. Use it liberally as a lubricant before a bowel movement, clean the area VERY well afterwards, and then reapply bag balm to protect the skin from sweat. It's not readily absorbed by the skin or washed away by sweat, so it doesn't need to be constantly reapplied.

Sherman Van Lieu

I have atopic Dermatitis aka eczema since I was born, and I am 57 now. I have gone through every remedy that you can think of.
Before you go slapping anything on your child as a way to clear him/her up you need to know what agitates his/her eczema. You need to stay away from vaseline, and most petroleum based products as it can cause body heat to increase in the areas that get covered with it.
Stay away from anything that has fragrance in it, absolutely no fragrance. If you child has a flare up, take a wash cloth and soak it in bowl cold water with a teaspoon of vinegar in it. Or take one of those ice packs for sprains, and apply it to the area that itches really bad. Hot baths or showers are a no no. Bath in Aveno oatmeal, most drug stores sell it.
Your child needs to see a dermatologist to determine what type of skin allergy he/she really has. Also you can get chinese herbs that really help in the affected areas, I would recommend seeing a chinese herbiest who can recommend some products that can be used on the skin, and pills to ingest.
The most important thing is to get advice from a professional doctor whether it be eastern or western medicine.


I have really bad Eczema and I'm in the middle of a break out now It really sucks and I haven't had one this bad since I was much younger. The only thing that I have found to work on the eczema is Bag Balm I ws suprised to see this posting cuz I didn't think anyone else used the product.


hey everyone, please tell me what this 'bag balm' is! I have never heard of it! And where on earth can I find it? I live in California and we are in the city, so no farms or pet stores for cows are around.


Bag Balm can be found at grocery stores in the lotion isle with soaps etc. It is used for cow udders, to keep their dry skin not so dry. I have used everything under the sun, when I was younger I used the bag balm and it worked, with a bunch of other products, like triamcyniclone, hydrocortizone, aquaphor, eucerin. Sometimes the exzema will go away but then I get stressed out and I am jsut miserable and cannot stop itching. When i was younger, I spent some time with my aunt and went swimming every day in a chlorine pool. I would take a shower every morning and apply those above mentioned products and then at night another shower after swimming and then apply all those products. It was also my diet that my aunt gave me spaghetti and water. I have lots of food allergies. Whereas at home, my parents let me cheat and eat things I am not supposed to. A simple diet of water, minus things you are allergic to, plus low stress will help clear stuff up. You might think that swimming every day would dry out the skin, but chlorine kills any bacteria that was on the skin and I think this is what helped it a little. It was also keeping cool for many hours during the day in the water, plus sunshine.

It is different at different times. Now if I go out into the sun I break out uncontrolablly. I have splotches from the sun now. Like I said, when I was younger bag balm helped. But now I notice that the sulphides actually inflame my skin even worse, but it combats the dryness which causes itch too.

I think the advice about clearing out sugers from your diet is good advice. Stay away from steroid creams and ointments for sure as over time they will scar you.


We thought Bag Balm was working for our sons eczema until we realized he had a huge breaking out. Not noticing after we used the Bag Balm the first time, we gave him another bath and coated him in the Bag Balm again days later and immediately after coating him he starting saying 'owee' when we touched him. After researching, we realized that LANOLIN is in Bag Balm, which we think is causing the allergic reaction. He has had these main areas of irritation on the top of his right foot, the back of his left heal, behind his knees, in his elbows and under his bottom lip. We can't seem to 100\\% figure out what is causing the breakouts and flare ups. We think it may be that he is allergic to lanolin, which is also in lots of foods, mainly dairy products, but is making us think we need to completely change his diet.

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