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Tea bag!!! Really did help. I have been in pain for 5 days now. I have tried Ibuprofen, Orajel, Anbesol, Hydrocodone, Vanilla Extract, Mouthwash, Warm compresses, and placing this tea bag between my cheek and tooth has relieved my pain from a 10 to a 1. It's easy too. I ran out of Lipton but i had Jasmine tea bags and it seemes to be working great, but it is only temporary. I am still surfing the web for the best solution aside from going to the Dentist which is what I should have done already but with 4 growing children I have to wait. Try it though. I have had this tea bag in my mouth for an hour now and it is still working.

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I'm sorry for the folks who haven't found relief. I have a white teabag on my upper gums, hoping for relief from my dying tooth, which has made the left side of my face swollen and painful. Just started antibiotics. I can't take painkillers because I get addicted to anything. This infection is the wreckage of my past. Too little dental care, now I'm paying the price.


I'd like to update: the first night I used the tea bag I didn't notice a change in swelling, but today I put a dry tea bag on my gum and within two hours the swelling was down about 75\\%. Granted I'm on day two of antibiotics and ibuprofen, but the dry tea bag made a difference for sure. Keep trying.




Do you wet the tea bag first or put in dry.


Black tea bags REALLY WORK. I have a broken tooth right next to an old crown that abcessed under both teeth and along the gum line. The tea bag not only helps ease the pain while on it is also helping to drain the blood and pus out from the infection. I slip the wet tea bag between my cheek and gums and leave in 20-30 minutes then remove the tea bag and wipe off the gunk that it helped drain from my infection. It took several times before my infection to begin to drain but once it started to drain the reduction in pain is SUCH a relief after 3 days minimal sleep low grade fevers minimal food and ghastly pain.

I will DEFINITELY always keep tea bags on hand just in case.


just tried the black tea bag any it does help have to keep wiping gunk off but it will help

Carol k

Omg. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The tea bag has helped me so much!its Saturday and can't see dentist till Tuesday. Thought I was going to die from the pain of my abscessed tooth. Such a relief


I have it in now it's a little bit better hoping it will get me through the next few hours till I get it extracted

Nathan T

I've dealt with both intense pain and mild pain from a tooth abscess. Most severe was 6 months ago..Very little swelling, but the pain was just insane, and I have a massively high pain tolerance. I went to the dentist, who, like most wouldn't do anything until the infection died down. When I got home with my proscipts (VK/400mg Ibu), the swelling started to get massive, up to just below of the eye socket. The pain was knocked down a touch by the Ibu 400mg. It was then I tried the tea bag trick, not expecting anything to happen...(I've tried everything over the years, sans seeing a dentist).

I left the teabag in for 15 mins, then took it out..Within 20 mins my swelling started to reside and by morning there was just slight swelling. After the week's course of VK ran out, it was gone. Needless to say, I never got the tooth treated (extracted) and I am with a slightly swollen lower jaw and slight pain (2/10). I'm about to do the teabag trick again.

Reading some of the comments on here, I noticed that a few think just because the swelling is gone, the infection must be as well. This is incorrect. All that happened was that the infection seeped out, relieving the pressure, which was causing pain. The only way to avoid any further pain (and yes, it will come back) is to have the tooth treated, which ever way the Dentist or the wallet sees fit. In my case, this tooth is so far gone, I'm looking at a surgical extraction, which is a little more pricey than a simple tooth pull. Still, probably going to be the best $150 I'll ever spend..until the next tooth starts..


Use black tea. I went from a golfball sized swelling to marble sized after using 3 over the course of 3 hours for about 30-40 minutes. Green tea works a little bit but black tea is where it's at. Been at the this for a week. I've been on pencillin vk 500mg for 5 days and this is the first thing that's worked.

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