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Tea bag!!! Really did help. I have been in pain for 5 days now. I have tried Ibuprofen, Orajel, Anbesol, Hydrocodone, Vanilla Extract, Mouthwash, Warm compresses, and placing this tea bag between my cheek and tooth has relieved my pain from a 10 to a 1. It's easy too. I ran out of Lipton but i had Jasmine tea bags and it seemes to be working great, but it is only temporary. I am still surfing the web for the best solution aside from going to the Dentist which is what I should have done already but with 4 growing children I have to wait. Try it though. I have had this tea bag in my mouth for an hour now and it is still working.

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Also clove oil kills the most severe tooth pain instantly


I have been in so much pain with this lower molar. Everytime I would make an appointment with my dentist they would call and tell me that the Dr is out sick today. I have a tea bag in my mouth right now. It's been there for about 20 minutes. My gum around the tooth is still sore but the aching and throbring are gone...and to think...why didn't I get on the Internet and look for home remidies sooner. Maybe I wouldn't have had to cry in pain for a week. What a relief. ..


YES!!! Ok, this really did work! I went to bed w a tooth ache and woke the next morning to a large lump above a back molar. This was a Sunday. I couldn't even bite down and the pain was not local, but overtook my whole head. I applied a tea bag and let rest for 2hrs. Then gargled w salt water. And repeated throughout the day and night. Next morning, at 8am, the abscess popped. No dentist, no tooth pulled. I will continue to oil pull w coconut and clove oill, and occasionally salt water rinse. But the infection has been pulled out, and I'm happy to report... Thank God for black or green tea leaves, all meds begin w NATURAL product!! Amen!!

Yassin M.

You could go to an herb shop and buy Goldenseal and white thistle or you can go to the Dollar Tree and buy a box of Lipton, either way it's cheaper and better for you than antibiotics. This doesn't only work for a tooth infection it's also great for eye infections or any other type of infection where there is a way for the tea to come in contact with infected area and an exit for any built-up pus and fluid. The caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and relieves pain that's why they put it in Excedrin, and as to why it's able to literally suck out all of the infected material pus at cetera I have no idea except to say that for every disease God has created a cure we only need to find it. Find it. Not synthesize it.


People throughout the Middle East and Far East have been using this method since long long before any antibiotics had been invented


I can say the (Black) Tea Bag trick really works. I too am sitting here with a tea bag in my mouth and the pain went away after just a couple minutes. The swelling has gone down too. Thankfully I found this site. I'm going to try and sleep with it in overnight and hopefully it will draw out the infection.


I have tried garlic cloves it works so so if you can stand your gums burning and onion will work too as long as you don't smoke.fresh papaya slices work too but the only thing I found to draw the infection and pain was the tea bag!! used Listerine original and feels so good to be able to eat and sleep again!!


After several days of fighting with my. Toothache at work and while lookin after my busy 2 year old. I decided to try this tea bag technique and it WORKS!! So glad I tried it.


I love this remedy, i use black tea vs green however, actually my go to tea bag is a passion fruit, papaya and black tea blend. The papaya helps with inflammation as well as helps with the taste.


Didn't work for me unfortunately. I'm in absolutely excruciating pain. I'm on amoxicillian due to infection and dead nerve. I've been in antibiotic for 34 hours now, I'm swollen and hurting so badly. I've tried everything. Hoping Tomorrow is better.

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