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Tea bag!!! Really did help. I have been in pain for 5 days now. I have tried Ibuprofen, Orajel, Anbesol, Hydrocodone, Vanilla Extract, Mouthwash, Warm compresses, and placing this tea bag between my cheek and tooth has relieved my pain from a 10 to a 1. It's easy too. I ran out of Lipton but i had Jasmine tea bags and it seemes to be working great, but it is only temporary. I am still surfing the web for the best solution aside from going to the Dentist which is what I should have done already but with 4 growing children I have to wait. Try it though. I have had this tea bag in my mouth for an hour now and it is still working.

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This was an amazing tip. The constant pain was reduced to a point where I could actually think of something other than the pain. Be careful when taking the teabag out though, mine ripped a bit and left a very bitter taste. Still WELL worth it.


agreed, tea bag works wonders! NOT a replacement for proper medical treatment, but works wonders to relieve pain for a few hours or days while you wait for the appointment... it's amazing! i also think that drinking a good deal of green tea is a good idea as it's just good for your immune system and teeth in general.... good stuff.


I have an impacted wisdom tooth and I a can't get in until Tuesday (its Friday) its pretty infected and painful..I am biting down on a green tea bag at the it better to place it against the tooth or bite down on it?


1 day and I have been in pain for 2 weeks!...OMG the tea bag is the best! I put it on for only 45 mins before I went to bed and the next morning while brushing my teeth the abscess popped! no more pain. I rinsed w/peroxide and the swelling went down instantly. I am still using the tea bag, but wow what a difference in a 24 hr period.


Was in pretty bad pain for several days and ibuprofen was just not working for very long. The tea bag works! I was able to get relief for a few hours just after a few minutes with the tea bag in my mouth. I've also been brewing my tea much stronger and drinking it 'black' and the whole area feels much better than it did.

Carrie Smith

I was very skeptical about this. I was in so much pain I would try anything. After being in so much pain I was crying, I put a green tea bag (green tea and orange blossom) into my mouth over the swollen gum. It came out covered in mucus stuff. I put another in and then another. After about 5 of them over 2 hours the pain was gone. This really works and I am not really someone who trusts home remedies. My dentist didn't believe me when I told him. I have antibiotics to clear up the underlying infection but thanks to this teabag trick I don't have to take the painkillers anymore.


Can say it works very well. Although I'm mixing it with temporary relief I figured would relieve the discomfort and allow me to get some sleep until I can to the ER or Dentist tomorrow.

Great temporary relief - Alcohol. That's right, make yourself pass out drunk. I'm not a drinker, in fact I haven't touched liquor since I was about 15 but I read it's great for temporary relief. I grabbed a shot glass, some vodka, and some tequila needless to say I'm in heaven (not literally otherwise I wouldn't be typing this) The pain is merely gone and I can sleep!

What I did. Do note that is only a temporary solution, SEE A DOCTOR/DENTIST IMMEDIATELY! Get drunk, not pass out drunk but enough to where the pain is starting to numb. Put a tea bag in between the gums and cheek for roughly an hour two. Drink some more, feel good enough to get some rest.

For me, it's been two days. Day one wasn't so bad however I woke up on three hours of sleep in immense pain. Throughout day two I tried Naproxen (Stronger than Ibprofen) however it didn't fully take away the pain. There was still that general feeling of discomfort which in my case, makes me not able to sleep. So on the night of day two I researched, found out what is was and how I could ease the pain. The best temporary solution seemed to be boo's and the best temporary/permanent solution seemed to be a tea bag followed by salt water or peroxide. (Do make sure you spit if using a tea bag) Don't swallow.

I'm good enough to sleep and found a way to hold me over until I can visit a professional, that's what I recommend..

Tamura j. From Birmingham ,Alabama



I am trying the tea bag now I have no money to get my wisdom tooth pulled and I just started working so I'm waiting on insurance. It happens on the same side every time . The only thing the walk in clinic dose is give me antibiotics . So I hope the tea bags work until I can get to a dentist

angela owen

Oh my after days of horrific pain with an abscess covering the entire roof of my mouth. Antibiotics and enough colour pills to make a skittles packet jealous! I desperately tried to find anything online to help I stumbled across this, am sat with a teabag stuffed in my mouth feeling the pain and pressure melt away. I could kiss the person who started this page. You my friend are awesome it really truly works x

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