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I noticed my daughter had weird yellow scales on the top of her scalp. It looked like dried orange juice. How I got rid of the condition in just one day was by massaging tea tree oil in her scalp (which she LOVED) and then washed with her baby shampoo. It worked so well, I used the tea tree oil on my own scalp and it's cured my dandruff. Plus, it smells so wonderful.

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I have heard this works great, but it is not safe for pregnant women or nursing moms to use tea tree oil.

T's mom

tree tea oil is very safe but take caution with animals they only get 1/2 the amount we do. It is great for a lot of things works as a great antiseptic and deodorizer


The national institute of health has evidence that tea tree oil and lavender oil can cause hormone imbalances when used on boys that have not reached puberty.


Tea tree oil is totally safe for pregnant women! That person is just wrong

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