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Natural things for helping constipation.

Simmer one half cup of raisins, or a half cup mixture of raisins, figs, and prunes with water and olive oil for a few minutes. Or, pour boiling water and olive oil to just cover the raisins, or the raisins, prunes and figs mixture. Or soak over night with tap water and some olive oil. (Check the figs to see that they have no bugs on or in them.) Then add some toasted wheat germ and toasted bran to this mixture. (Krechmer's (the company that makes toasted wheat germ also makes toasted bran. For some people it may, help more than raw bran.) Add one, two or three tablespoons bran and one or two tablespoon wheat germ to the mixture. Add some organic Wheatabix (a cereal from England). (The Wheatabix may help more than Fiber One or Uncle Sam's or Good Friends High fiber cereal. May be because it is organic.) Then add a little bit hot milk and maybe some sucanet. Eat this every morning. It may take some time to heal the system but after a few days or a week there should be improvement.
One can simmer, at one time, olive oil and water with a whole box of raisins or the raisin/prune/fig combination and store it in the refrigerator, taking out a half cup of the mixture every day.
(Till the body begins to normalize itself and for emergency usage one can use polyethelen glycol (golightely) by doctor's prescription. It is not habit forming and will even help for a few days after its use is stopped, but if one uses it for more than two weeks it can cause electrolite imbalance. It can then bring about some hyperactivity, jumpiness or wakefulness. Nevertheless, until the body normalizes itself, it is less harmful than other laxatives.
In an old Prevention magazine a reader once recommended, as a powerful remedy for constipation, drinking, twice a day, hot coffee with two tablespoons wheat germ and two tablespoons unprocessed (raw) bran in it. This can be taken first thing in the morning and then again in the afternoon. One can add some sucanet or xylitol sweetner, or molasses. Even a bit of milk to make it palatable is all right for most people.
One can take the hot coffee drink and then the raisin/olive oil/hot water/bran/wheatgerm/wheatabix mixture afterward as a morning cereal.
Hot fiber liquids (example – hot oily bean soup, hot pumpkin squash soup – blend the soup with the seeds) and hot sweet drinks (not chocolate) are very helpful.
Raw fruits and vegetables. Papaya has helped some people when other things did not.
Avoid low fiber foods such as starchy bakery foods, rice, pasta. Avoid chocolates, and too much protein.
It seems once that for a time a mixture of an eighth of a tsp each of carnitine powder, TMG powder and calcium pyruvate helped, all bought from Beyond a Century - a company that has very reasonable prices on supplement powders. At this time it may not be really helping as it was before.
Chewing dry a tablespoon of toasted or raw bran. Follow a little while later with a hot drink.
Fruit Eze is a commercial mixture of dates, raisins, prunes and prune juice that is made for use in nursing homes. One might try using it with the olive oil and the toasted wheat germ/bran/ Wheatabix mixture. It is certified vegetarian and kosher.

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are u joking ? you really go through all of this. I couldnt even get through reading it all.


That is REDICULOUS. Why on earth would you go through all that. Take a pill or fiber supplements and call it a day. That's too much hoop jumping.


I'm sorry and I do thank you for trying to help but I couldn't read it all either. just too long


too long to read and boring. .

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