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This will sound crazy but I broke my wisdom tooth in half yesterday on New Year's Day after popping 3 Loratabs,8 aleve, and two HydroCodine nothing would take the pain away. At five a.m. this morning I was crying and screaming because of the pain. You have to realize I have a huge pain tolerance and have given natural birth to three children this hurts more than that did. I started searching for help. This is what ultimately helped I don't know what exactly did the trick because I did it all at once. Rinsed with peroxide(follow bottle instructions), Drank hot tea, took two aleve tabs, took my daily vitamin ritual of 2 cranberry tabs, 4 Mamopril (all natural breast enhancement pills), 1 vitamin B-12 tab, and smoked a cigarette. By the time that cigarette was gone I felt alot better and it laste for about 5 hours. Good luck

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I too have had three children and would much rather have three more than to have one tooth ache. I can't stand it.

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