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You can help with the problem of frequent urination by consciously making sure that your bladder is as empty as possible.

When finished urinating (for women) stand up and slowly twist your body from side to side.

Sit down again and lean forward on the seat, and squeeze out the last few drops of urine. You'll find that there's always a little more left to go after you thought you were finished.

Doing this will assure that you'll have a longer amount of time before having to use the restroom again :) Works for me!!

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Does Lemon Juice work on Dark Skin??my friend has olive/medium tone skin .and she has acne scars and spots on her face..i told her to use lemon juice beacuse it worked for mine..but she's not so sure beacuse her sister used it and her whole face turned reaallyy dark beacuse of the lemon juice so does lemon juice get rid of spots and scars on dark skin?

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