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Bag Balm is great for 'clipper burn' after dog grooming.

Avoid clipper burn by clipping the sensitive areas first while the clipper is still cool. Use 'Kool Lube' spray also to cool clippers.

Cut in the same direction as the growth of the hair, not against.

Cover area (usually rear end) with old pair of men's briefs or small pajamas cut down. Tighten to fit with a SAFETY diaper pin. This will save getting greasy stains on carpeting, etc. and also keep the dog from irritating the burn so it can heal.

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You can also take the seasoning ALUm put the powder on the bleeding nail and the flow will stop.
a bar of any soap, such as from ure shower will work jsut as well and stop the bleeding all most idmediatly, place the soap on to the tip of the nail almost as if to clog.


oops my bad, wrong topic

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