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Buy AZO pills from a drug store, they are relatively inexpensive and will take care of the pain. They will not CURE the infection, however...Drink LOTS of water, and a few glasses of cranberry juice per day for several days to cure the infection. Many women are allergic to latex condoms, so if you get a UTI every time you use one, stop using them and see. Do urinate after sex, wipe from front to back, and stay away from caffeine and alcohol until you are better. Caffeine and alcohol irritate the urinary tract; however for addicted coffee drinkers...lots of water and cranberry juice will still help. Many women simply don't drink enough water, and that's the root cause of infection. Caffeine and alcohol further dehydrate the body. Water is the great cleanser of the body; it flushes out bacteria that will otherwise build up in the urinary tract. Cranberry juice is like a broom, helping the water to sweep out the bacteria. Your body can heal itself, given the proper tools. A doctor will prescribe antibiotics which will cure the infection, but for many women, antibiotics lead to a yeast infection.

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