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My son had a chronic stuffy nose his entire 12 years. Recently, we stopped drinking cow's milk. AMAZING...his stuffy nose went away. It's worth a try to check and see if milk is the problem, particularly if you or your kids are heavy milk drinkers. I have since learned that cow's milk is very mucous forming in the body.

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All dairy things produce mucous


Milk doesn't produce mucous or phlem. It's just that its very thick and feels like all of a sudden, theres a whole crapload of mucous in your throat.


It is actually the chemicals that food companies put in the food. He can drink raw organic milk


I am a strong advocate against cow milk. I would consume milk products like ice cream or whole milk before bedtime or any time of the day and would soon get sick the next day. Cow milk is the worse!! For anyone who feels the same and has suffered like I have please try Soy Milk its the best!


On the Dr's show today they said that Milk causing extra mucose was just a mith. But maybe your son has an allergy. Also the increase of fractures in children have greatly increased due to the fact children arent drinking enough milk. So I hope your giving suppliments.


I used to think that waking with a slight sore throat was normal until I stopped all dairy products at age 29. The difference was amazing! O nce I gave up dairy products, I stopped having sore throats and congestion. I'm also far less likely than my peers to get colds. Adult humans are the only animal that drinks milk, and we pay dearly for that with ill health.


That's all nice to know, but I don't drink milk and rarely eat dairy products, and I'm still congested. But, I have to say if you stopped drink milk or eating dairy products and your congestion stopped you are probably allergic to dairy products.


When I drink milk in US, I always have dierhea, here in Mongolia I drink organic milk, no problem.


I have a major probelm with Sinus Infections that last up to 5-8 weeks!
I had a professor who told me that his wife suffered from sinuses. She had to change her diet meaning no more dairy products! She was Lactose Intolerant. As soon as I stopped drinking milk or having ice does help!

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