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Turmeric (the stuff in curry spice) is an incredible anti-inflammatory and will help all eczema sufferers. It is proven as effective as steriods/corticosteriods, but don't let the pharmaceutical companies know that.

Buy Turmeric from healthfood store in pill form and take 3-6 pills 500mg daily. Or mix with tea or put in food.

Eczema has a link with Candida fungus. When you eat sugars, it feeds the fungus which causes your body to 'overreact' or become inflamed. Your immune system attacks fungus around your entire body including skin, hence the itchie, scaly skin. (it's actually more complex, but I am shortening it up a bit)

Avoid sweets, gluten, dairy or foods with fungus to balance out your intenstinal flora. Find out slowly how much sweets, etc you can safely eat w/o showing symptoms. However, I suggest detox for the first few weeks including lost of Omega 3's (from Salmon, perhaps).

Many dermatologist don't recognize the above well established science and prescribe dangerous drugs.

Eczema is genetic and enviromental based. This means that you can effectively cure it, although technically it is not curable.

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My sister has eczema. She has been to dermetologists her whole life and nothing has worked for her. She has given up hope, and no longer used anything for it. I am a firm believer in remedies passed on from generation to generation. I was wondering if you still had contact with that lady from guatemala??!! i would really appreciate the help!


Hi, yes I was hoping to get the info re the lady from Guatemala too, thanks!

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