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Turmeric (the stuff in curry spice) is an incredible anti-inflammatory and will help all eczema sufferers. It is proven as effective as steriods/corticosteriods, but don't let the pharmaceutical companies know that.

Buy Turmeric from healthfood store in pill form and take 3-6 pills 500mg daily. Or mix with tea or put in food.

Eczema has a link with Candida fungus. When you eat sugars, it feeds the fungus which causes your body to 'overreact' or become inflamed. Your immune system attacks fungus around your entire body including skin, hence the itchie, scaly skin. (it's actually more complex, but I am shortening it up a bit)

Avoid sweets, gluten, dairy or foods with fungus to balance out your intenstinal flora. Find out slowly how much sweets, etc you can safely eat w/o showing symptoms. However, I suggest detox for the first few weeks including lost of Omega 3's (from Salmon, perhaps).

Many dermatologist don't recognize the above well established science and prescribe dangerous drugs.

Eczema is genetic and enviromental based. This means that you can effectively cure it, although technically it is not curable.

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Where did you get your information on eczema being related to fungus?That freaks me out.When I first got Eczema I went to the doctors and they treated me for fungus for eight months(thinking it was ring worm)finally I got a second opinion and they took a sample and it wasn't fungus.They diagnosed it as nummular eczema.


I was glad to read your post because it actually made sense compared to others. I have had what I call 'E' since I was born ( asthma and 'E' go hand-in-hand and my asthma is just as bad if not worse.) I used to get it on my eyelids, earlobes, in between my fingers and toes, and everywhere else you can imagine. I even had to use brushes designed for newborns because I had it on my scalp. Now I only have problems with getting it on my legs and my arms, and after reading ALL these posts I realized I've tried everything people are suggesting except yours. So I'll give it a try and hopefully it'll be my saving grace! Thank you very much!


I fully agree with you, my eczema was cured by a product called eczecure. Its main ingredient was turmeric (curcuma longa) and it was really effective for my eczema that i was suffering from for 12 years.

I would say turmeric is really an amazing herb


I suppose you are right, one of the ingredient in eczecure is turmeric (curcuma longa) and it claims to be really effective for eczema


I totally agree!Eczema is fungus in the skin. After trying all the ointments the doctor gave me,it only stain my skin and didn't help at all. I met this lady from guatemala,who had the same thing. She gave me a remedy from her country, I was amazed how my itching, inflamation and fungus was gone in two days.


I have gone through their website(, there is no proper contact info of the people who make the product(Eczecure). That is my first sign of something wrong. But I still went ahead and ordered the product two days back just because my two year old is suffering a lot with Eczema. After ordering the product, I sent a mail for some clarification. I did not get any feedback so far. I do not want to conclude anything so early. But at this point I am just keeping my fingers crossed. I am going to post my updates on Eczecure.


i could not agree more. i work at a health food store in omaha and i myself have bad eczema. especially since i moved here from california, the winters get me really bad. but iv been using not just omega -3 fatty acids i also use a fair dose of omega 6-9's(found in flax, borage, an olive oils) in addition i watch what i eat. fungus foods or even mucus forming food's like any dairy products cheese milk whey. also look for allergies your top 5 allergens are citrus dairy wheat soy and corn (not necessarily in that order ) especially in infants and children. dairy is usually a big one. smoking cigarettes can even cause a break out because of the depletion of vitamin c which will lower you body's immune system. i suggest an elimination diet. where you eliminate the top 5 allergens for at least 1-2 months slowly reintroduce the food's and keep a food diary to see if you have a reaction keep in mind that allergens can take up to 3 days to show any symptoms (reason for the food diary) . hope this has been helpful.


I have suffered from eczema for years, but in the past month, the redness on my chin has gotten worse and has all these little bumps in it. i went to the dermatologist yesterday and he said it wasn't quite eczema but a type of dermatitis that is a combination of eczema and acne. it is very difficult to treat because what will cure the eczema will exacerbate the acne and vice versa. he also said it's from yeast on my skin and in my body which he seems to think i have a lot of because this is a recurring problem. in addition to the creams he prescribed i bought a candida cleanse kit and i've done some of my own research on eliminating candida which includes staying away from sugar, fruit, alcohol, cigarettes, simple carbohydrates and very starchy vegetables, and breads with yeast. i've also read to increase my intake of dark green leafy vegetables, seaweed, beans (like mung beans and aduki) and grains (like quinoa and millet). As far as other supplements wheat grass pills, grapefruit seed extract and acidopholis (except you probably want to space these out during the day). oh and to relax because stress brings on more yeast. it seems like a lot but i'm realizing that this yeast is probably not just responsible for the nasty redness on my face but a whole host of other problems and at this point i'll work very hard to get rid of it. bottom line--know which type of eczema or dermatitis you have because maybe that's why these remedies aren't working. i'll let you know how this goes.


You can't 'balance out' your intestinal flora - those adverts for yogurts are just marketing. The vast, and I mean vast, majority of microorganisms you eat cannot survive transit through the digestive system and are destroyed by hydrochloric acid in the stomach.


I would like to add my experience w/ eczema. I have had a 2' spot on my ankle for about 10 years, not bad, but when I decided to do something about it, the dermatologist gave me some cortisone patches which I used. Lo and behold my eczema expanded to the exact size of the patch!! When I smelled the patch after use, I got a definate whiff of candida (I know that smell!) That's when I started to research eczema and candida and how they are connected. The 'low-grade' candida that I've probably had all my life but getting more destructive with age has been the real culprit for a lot of other symptoms like allergies, IBS, digestion probs, sinus probs, memory loss, etc. etc.

I have had to eliminate all the candida feeding foods, take caprystatin (a coconut dirivative), DE (Diatomaceous Powder), and probiotics aimed at ousting candida (three lac or others). I test myself for candida outbreaks using food grade hydrogen peroxide on my hands -- if it turns white, I know I've got active candida. If I have a bad case I use my most powerful medicine which is MMS.

Now I still have my ankle patch of eczema, which has subsided some, but I hope to try some of your remedies for the inflammation and immune attacking aspect. Right now I'm going to try tumeric internally and externally, and I am already doing the internal omegas. Any other suggestions is welcomed.

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