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Baking Soda is VERY effective in pain relief. Get a cup of mildly warm water (extreme cold/hot can further irritate the nerve) and scoup several teaspoons of Baking Soda.

Use this as a dental rinse for approx 5 minutes.

It will provide astonishing relief when everything else has failed.

Pure clove oil is another good remedy.

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tried the penutbutter 'did no work'
So i rinsed with bakingsoda
and water 'worked almost instintly'
fels great thank you vrey much!!!!


didn't work at all


doesn't work that well i am trying everything from baking soda to vanilla extract.after rinsing my mouth with the baking soda and warm water i got very bad hot flashes.....


I know first hand baking soda works wonders, ive been using it on my teeth for years, and my kids teeth.. But the best mixture ive found.... make a slightly thicker gargle with the baking soda, two tablespoons oregano (dont use salt with it, baking soda is made from mostly salt) and then a teaspoon of ground clove, this is going to taste terrible.....but it does work.... very well


Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Baking Soda, Oregano & Ground Cloves mouth wash is working!

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