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I use apple cider vinegar. Just rub it on your legs. It works for me.

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Tha apple Vingar helps but if you drink two tespoons at night it realy helps


LADIES try this it worked for me I had night sweats BAD and Restless leg syndrom and a lady I met told me to try 1200 I.U. of Vitamen D once a day and after 2 days both problems were GONE and have not returned.this is god sent information! If you are on any medications ask your doctor if you can take 1200 I.U. of vitamen D if you are a bigger woman you might have to take more. I am 5'5 130pds GOOD LUCK ladies I hope this works for you to! Sincerly,Veronica {}

Peter-Puerto Rico

I must say ive never heard of RLS untill it just happend to me out of the lue. By luck got this web site and tried this particular remedy and i must say IT REALLY WORKS.....Ass soon as u rub the cider vinegar on u can feel it working. Its like rubbing alo veron on a sun burn u get instant releif........THX A LOT. The sysmptoms have not left me and will try other ones like the vitamins to c if it will go away......GOOD LUCK TO ALL

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