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My big toe has been geting really painful the past few months. (I was going on a sunny holiday in the summer and got a bit too zealous with the nail clippers and trimmer back too far - conscious of fact i was gonna be wearing sandals). Anyway, I had no problem until months later, when the nail started growing back. The skin at the top outer corner had been without nail pressure for so long it had thickened and grown in, so when the nail grew up towards it, it began being very uncomfortable. My nail is literally trying to push through the top corner of my toe.

As a cure, (after long suffering) I soaked my feet in warm salty water for 30 mins, then got some tweezers, and gently began prying the nail off the bed and working my way towards the inflammed area. Eventually, after having tried this a few times, I rolled a little tiny cigar shaped tube of cotton wool, and with my free hand and a little clean plastic toothpick, wedged the tube of cotton behind the nail at the outer corner so that 1/3 of it was showing on the outisde (for easy removal later). When I let go the relief was instant. The nail was no longer wedged against inflammed skin and it was actually free of the overlapping skin area. I repeated this process for several days, taking some painkillers and changing the dressing each time and daubing some tea tree oil before bed. The improvement is immense and I appear to be on the way to a recovery. The nail is getting room to grow past the new skin and i am getting much relief! Hope this helps someone with a similar problem.

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i just tried this like 2 seconds ago.. so i'm not sure how it will be in a few days, or weeks.. but when i put the cotton under it and got up to walk around there was instant pain releif! amazing.. thanks for the great help...even if you did post it like 3 years ago! lol


I just read your post and I hope it works my toe has been hurting for the past couple of days.


my son is having this problem but when i read this i remembered the doctor did this for me and worked like a charm!


THIS always works and you really don't have to manipulate the nail so much--tweezers etc---simply push the tiny strip of rolled up cotton ball as far as you can get it without too much pain and every day it will move easier/nail gets elevated and of course the nail grows out......letting you see that d@mned hook thing on the side of the nail--which will grow out--


INSTANT RELIEF! you have to make the cotton very small and tube shaped and use a pointed nail file or something else to push it into place. It might hurt a wee bit when poking it under the nail, but in less than 1 minute--NO PAIN. AMAZING!!!!

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