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first of all medical is a must! avscessed teeth can lead to spinal problems (as in my case) loss of facial bone structure, inflammation of the heart and a score of other problems. i've tried the teabag does help to draw it out...but the infection still lingers IT WILL COME BACK!! if you're jut looking for pain relieve until medical attention can be recieved then maximum strangth orajel, clove oil, ice cube, whiskey, or a baby aspirin applied to the area do provide som relief. don't use anything stronger than a baby aspirin it will eat away at your gums. as will the clove oil so be careful and don't swallow! i have absolutely no money or insurance. i depend on the free clinic and with the influx of unisured people lately it is very hard to be seen. i finally went to a regular doctor who gave me free samples of levaquin ( a very strong antibiotic) which other wise would have cost me 150 dollars for ten pills and also because my last antibiotic erythromycin didn't kill the infection ( i'm allergic to amoxicillin).
but be careful with which home remedy you choose! please try to find a free clinic in your area if money is an issue!

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