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Stay away from dirty needles. Inappropriate sexual behaviour should be avoided.
This is the best remedy. Not to catch it unless your born with it or contracted it from a transfusion.God bless those for Jesus can be the only remedy i know of. Try it. What will you lose except the ways that got you there not accidentally. If not cured then Peace will comfort best no matter what your condition. Sincerely serious.

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If you have aids then hurry up and die already. Wasting my air.


Ignorance is the most brutal disease of them all. As far as a remedy for AIDS, follow the doctor's orders, try not to stress, stay away from negative minded people and think positive thoughts. Be Blessed


I can not believe intelligent people question the existence of god- 100 greek/latin fairy base stories on middleast folk lore.
Anway im sure a lot of you may feel the same way as some of my hiv clients - aids is man made disease most likely U.S 60s millitary design to wipe out africa/ control third world population - all thow it has not work as well as they would like.
When U.S goverment was delerblate slow to react as it would not effect married couples/main stream U.S. One of my clients who had hiv is alive from the 80s due to his professor smugling drugs before goverment realise.
Of course to day the weast give drugs to pro long and stop hive people spreading hiv to others. Drugs are big business.
However one thing ive been told by professor make sure you do exercise, cardio and cardio and weights to keep your dam immune system up.


For people that suffer from
-High blood pressure
-Digestive problems
-Urinary tract infection
-Liver and kidney damage
-Varicose veins
-Throat and stomach discomforts(reflux, heart burn)

or for those that are just worried about general well being, i would strongly recommend that you GOOGLE


i read the plant used to make this tea is quite rare and even needs special conditions to reproduce because it doesnt have seeds.

the proffessor that created the the blend has been working with it for 22 years and is driven by the results of his patients

this tea is incredible it changed my life

I was a skeptic when it came to natural remedies but furkan herbal tea has completely lived upto everything i read in the testimonials.
you can even see before and after photos of some of the sufferers of these conditions in their brave testimonials of how they have overcome theyre conditions and how happy both they and theyre family have become.


Your an Idiot, Praying is for from a Natural Cure. you need to check out the page - natural cures for stupidity


Aids or whatever you want to call it can be cure period Jesus is a healer!!!!why should you have silly comments when Jesus name is mentioned?????get used to it he reigns forever


I feel sorry for those who say those kind of things about God. We have no idea when we say or do things against God.Religious or not if your living a pointless life than you have no hope. because you just live to die. and the worst part living in a world like this where we see no love. I strayed away from the path.. but I It just feels like hell not to be in connection with God. don't be fooled it's just a set of rules or brain washing. with full aknowledgevent a relationshin with are God, nothing can ever beat.


It doesn't matter if this is a home remedy site or not if you cant accept what was said then you are pridefull, stubborn, disobiedient to the word of God plain and simple. And your heart is hardned. I know be cause I to was like that. I know how it is. how the world portrays God is not how it seems to be.

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