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Stay away from dirty needles. Inappropriate sexual behaviour should be avoided.
This is the best remedy. Not to catch it unless your born with it or contracted it from a transfusion.God bless those for Jesus can be the only remedy i know of. Try it. What will you lose except the ways that got you there not accidentally. If not cured then Peace will comfort best no matter what your condition. Sincerely serious.

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sorry but ... this just made me giggle so did a few of the comments


Well, I gotta tell ya, I used to be an atheist. Ha! And I used to believe in evolution. Ha! But after years of research of discovering bogus claims and false information. And after years of studying the original transcripts that the Bible was founded on, I discovered that, in fact, God is real. Aaah! Yes, He's real! And, yes there are alot of newly revised versions of the bible that, frankly, stink. Yes, I said it, Stink. They are extremely watered down and in alot of cases nothing like what the original text says. I found this all out when I decided one day to disprove the Bible and the Christian faith....whoops! Turned out I was wrong! After all these years of believing what mainstream scientist and professors were teaching in our schools, after falling into the belief system of the uneducated and naive media, after seeing Christianity being misused and abused to further someones checkbook or image, yes, I had the veil lifted off of my eyes with the cold hard truth. And I would bet my life, that if any of you reading this would persue this topic in the very same fashion, you too would find out for yourself. Don't just listen to what your family has told you, don't listen to some guy ranting and raving on here about how Christianity is a crutch for the weak, don't let what someone has preprogrammed in your mind stand as solid it out for yourself. And until you actually do, please don't slam myself or anyone else for believing in ths One True God and the Son of God Jesus Christ. If someone wanted to get on here or on TV and talk about being a Muslim, or Hindu, or Evolutionist, or anything else that teaches against Jesus as being the only way to the Father God, it would slide. But, when someone talks about Jesus Christ there's always a group or someone who is slamming them down, saying 'Don't push that Jesus crap on us!' Think about that for a moment. Also, think about what year it is......2010? Well, in case you didn't notice, the ENTIRE world runs of the this system. Despite who invented the calendar, we are all running off a calendar that is based off of the birth of Christ....interesting....

Stan the Man

Jesus? Blasphemy; you mean Abraham :P

And people, there is no cure for AIDS. I was wondering why the hell it was on a home remedies site O_o


P.S....Ah never mind you'll all get angry. Sure was funny, though.

Stan the Man


Christians, take your religious crud somewhere else.

JEWS on the other hand can stay :D

And stop using G-d's name in vain :U

Stan the Man

And not all calendars are based off Christ, either. My family and I use the Jewish calendar.

Sheesh, can't we all just get along like the happy little people we are(nt)?



Oh Stan. Silly head. Lol! Seriously, what did I say in my comment? What calendar does the ENTIRE world run off of? The one based around the birth of Jesus Christ. Every government in the world runs on it. It doesn't matter if there is five billion calendars out there. Fact is, we run off of one...period. Nuff said. :o


Love how this all of a sudden became a religious debate, but wasn't this site geared toward people who are already suffering? I checked out this link looking for a homeopathic remedy to at least ease symptoms of hiv/AIDS. My sister in law has it, and I want to do anything I can to help her. She's been doing ok but has failed to fully heal from a surgery to remove a mass. If anyone has any tips diet-wise or vitamins or whatever it would be helpful. I don't know all the specifics of her medical condition but I know she has had a colostomy bag for at least 6 months. BTW, she's a Christian of strong faith, as am I; although I lean toward the spiritualist side more, lol!


Learn how to boost your immune system. Eat more fruits and veggies and learn how to make green smoothies in a blender. Eat as much raw organic fruits and veggies and stay away from colas, meats and junk food. People often live years with HIV so don't give up hope. More people die of heart disease and cancer than aids so don't worry so much about dying.

Why worry? We all die soon enough!

Eat raw!

Eat more veggies!


I've had HIV for 20+ yrs and I never felt better in my life and have never taken any drugs for the virus. I've never done drugs of any kind and that includes needles. DUH!!!!!!!

sick to death of preechy pricks

oh for fuck's sake will you please go and play in a sandpit or something. Aids is a disease not another reason for you Jesus freaks to start droning on about how happy you are since you found the Lord. If you're so damned happy then what the hell are you doing on a health site? Get a life.

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