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Stay away from dirty needles. Inappropriate sexual behaviour should be avoided.
This is the best remedy. Not to catch it unless your born with it or contracted it from a transfusion.God bless those for Jesus can be the only remedy i know of. Try it. What will you lose except the ways that got you there not accidentally. If not cured then Peace will comfort best no matter what your condition. Sincerely serious.

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Take the Jesus crap and stuff it. It's a disease, plain and simple. It's transferred from blood to blood contact, or semen contact with blood. Avoid anything that does that and you will be fine. Does an athiest or a non Christian have to suffer if they don't believe in your JESUS crap? Get a grip!


omg!!!! aids is a disease if you have it GO TO A DOCTOR!


Hahaha, well thanks for pointing out the obvious Serious Chip. Look, if people get AIDS, its there own damn fault for not thinking, using protection, etc. (again, obviously) But really, for the person that said 'stuff it' needs to be more aware of others feelings...


I've seen people who've believed that Jesus healed them from the cancer that they've been diagnosed with and the cancer disappeared during their trip to the doctor. Also people with other kinds of terminal diseases. Look..if you want to say 'stuff it', go ahead and say 'stuff it', but Isiah 53:5 in the Bible says 'But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.' For those of you out there who don't know anything about Jesus or the spiritual aspects of this life, study it out before opening your mouth and slamming something you are uneducated about. And my apologies to all of you who are reading this that aren't a Christian for all the flaky and wacked out people that have claimed to be a Christian in the past. There have been many people in the past that have ruined the name of Jesus. Whether it be the critical religious people or just the plain nutty people who are extremely weird. Being a Christian is not acting weird or religious, it's being a normal acting person who loves having a relationship with Jesus and people, with a different set of standards than the majority of this world. Jesus was here not to condemn or to make himself famous, in fact he hid himself from the multitudes at times because he didn't want that to happen. Instead he was here to love on the sinners so that they could see the goodness of God and want to repent from the life they were living. Jesus is not going to heal you, He already did, Isiah 53:3 says : with his stripes, we ARE HEALED'... we just have to stand in faith that He did so that the evidence of that will come to past.


^ amen god bless you and that's true god isn't going remove the disease!!!! you go to the doctor for that. also i believe there is a cure for every disease we just haven't found it. like back then they thought people would never have a airplane that fly in the air. but now they invented it. it just take time.!! than that first person you that comment you should be rude about other people belief. you have your and i have mines so keep your mouth shut. may god bless those who have aids/or hiv


Whoa, Whoa, Whoa Danisha! Don't be hammering on people like that and then say 'God Bless'. Jesus was nothing like that. If he was offended, he let it run off his back. Christians shouldn't try and shove Jesus down other peoples' throats or be rude back just because someone ruffled their feathers wrong. If you're ever gonna win someone, like that first person's comment, to can't be acting bluntly back at them and say 'Keep your mouth shut!' Matthew 5:44 says 'But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you' . So try loving on the ones who upset you instead of letting them get the best of you and having them see that you are no different than they are when it comes to retaliating.


Stuff your heart with Jesus...He can fill that void! This is an international web site and Jesus is everywhere. Whether He chooses to heal or not...we can call on Him and he is always there. My brother has suffered with HIV/AIDS for 16 years. He has had pneumonia 3 times. His T cell count is 2 (maybe less). He should be dead but God has a purpose for his life for now, he is working on discovering what that is.
God bless all of you. Try calling on works. He really is there for you.


AIDS is a horrible disease, dont get me wrong... but bringing religious documentation is not going to help the people that come onto this great site for some at home do it yourself help. Leave it out, and just be polite with your helpfull ideas.


With all do respect, I'm just trying to give those hope who have AIDS or HIV. Because man has not found a cure and Jesus is the only cure to lift off this nasty disease. And honestly, there isn't any home remedies to help AIDS, it's a brutal disease.


Just to put this out there, not all people got AIDS from some unprotected act, some people are simply born with it, and shouldn't be condemned by such harsh words for something they couldn't control and are now living with...

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