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Eat a few tablespoons of yellow mustard or a few mustard packets..

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this really does work, surprisingly.
I've heard it's the turmeric in the mustard.
My wife swears by this remedy.


I had never heard of this one, but my grandfather mentioned it the other day. After working out at the farm, he'll come in, eat a tablespoon of mustard, then take a shower and rest for a bit.

Before the mustard, leg cramps every night. After the mustard, no more cramps.


I just was suffering 3 cramps...1 in each of my shins, and 1 terrible one in the back of my upper left leg... I was trying to walk them off, but they kept coming back worse and husband found about a teaspoon of yellow mustard...I immediately took it...and the cramps instantly twinging or anything!!! It does work!!!

shanna rose

My grandfather had terrible leg cramps and he is 90 (very healthy 90) but he absolutely swears by this mustard remedy, he says only yellow mustard and you need about a tablespoon but he absolutely swears by it. You should have seen the people at the hospital when he asked for mustard packets :)

Myra R

This may sound silly, but I've always took a tlb of peanut butter. It will be gone by the time I leave the kitchen. I don't know why it works but its great.

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