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GOJI JUICE. This is one of the highest sources of natural Vitamin C on the planet, has everything imaginable in it, and it's good. You can get a 32 oz. bottle online at some place for around $8 - $10 (compared to other places that have it at like $40). I usually get mine from or Also goes by the name wolfberry. I've been taking it for nearly a year now and have not been sick since. Everyone around me has been sick (they haven't been taking it regularly like I have). There have been a couple of times where I would get a little itch in my throat if everyone around me was sick, but I would drink some goji and it would literally be gone by the time I swallowed. This stuff has proven to be miraculous. My nephew was recently starting to get a cold, I gave him several glasses of the stuff diluted with water and he was completely better within 2 HOURS. This is the best thing not only for colds and flus, but for everything else as well. Hope to be able to spread the word about this stuff - it's what everyone needs!

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