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My daughter also suffers regularly from croup. I too, agree with most of these remedies. But just to throw another out there, the ENT doctor I work for also suggested sitting my daughter in a chair, put a blanket around her, and place her right in front of my open freezor door. This, at first, sounded like a form of child abuse, but now my daughter is 6 years old and when she wakes up croupy, she knows exactly what to do to make herself feel better.

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maxamiss nz

yes the freezer one would work anything that has moisture in the air

Toni Perry

My 7 year old has been coughing with a croupy cough for the last hour. I had tried the shower and anything else I knew of. Right now it's 1am and he's nearly asleep in front of the open freezer. He's actually gone a few minutes with no coughing!!!! THANK YOU for this tip!!!!!!!!

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