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I have had mosaic plantar warts on the bottom of my foot for about 3 years now. They covered the size of about two half dollars on my right foot. I really wish I had taken a picture of my foot, but did not because I never though I'd get as far as I have. I've tried a lot. Duct tape alone (never did a thing for me), and tape holding on Garlic, Banana Peels, Pads w/ Apple cider vinigar... the only thing that appeared to work was the AC Vinigar, but all it really did was raise up the dead skin and every wart enough to chop off the dead skin with a razor blade. One week later the thick white skin was there agian. I've tried salicylic acid with nothing more than weeks of peeling skin revealing the warts underneath. Then after treatment they'd grow back. I took dry ice to my foot twice, after the first time looked like it helped. A week later, it all came back. And that was painful. Lastly, I tried in desparation, a weak concentration of nitric acid. Don't ask my where you can find this other than chemical suppliers. I recalled once in a chemistry mishap where nitric acid ate through my glove, got on my finger tip, turned the skin yellow, and it all fell off a few days later. Well, I intentionally rubbed a somewhat weak concentration nitric acid on my warts. Day two, I did it again. And a thrid time. Worst sympton was mild burning, but barely noticable. The skin turned a dark yellow. The skin loosened up enough to peel / cut away. Its been a few weeks now, and so far, smooth skin. I have yet to see if it all comes back, but so far this is the only thing that has lasted longer than a week. I'm going to ask my dermitologist about what I did. He had told me that there was absolutely nothing that could be done to a case as bad as mine. But we'll see. I'm full of hope now because this worked so well. I really hope this could lead to perhaps a doctor's application of nitric acid (since its hard to come by) as a treatment in the future. I think this is big. Yes, they could still come back, as its only been about a month, but still, this is 3 weeks + longer than anything else.

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Just a follow up...

One month later and my foot looks normal again! One month later and its still working!


Just curious if this has still solved your problem? Any additional feedback?

Experimental OCD Chemist

I'm a chemist and the most common acid we use is nitric acid. We use it at Omni-Trace purity which is somewhere around 12M with a negative pH.

I had the warts and my hands frozen off and god did it hurt. He couldn't do the ones next to a fingernail because the cold would shrink the nail and thus feel like the whole nail being ripped off. So the foot warts left but the ones next to nails stayed. I would clip them down every week.

One day I get some nitric acid on a wart, the nail turned yellow as does the skin at higher concentrations. less than a week later I try to clip it and I literally peeled it off.

So I try to 'nitrate' my worst fingernail wart. First I tried a 1:2 dilution from stock, it wasn't strong enough and would have taken too many treatments since the skin was not even yellow. I then tried a 1:1 dilution which is what I would recommend. I however am obsessive compulsive and wouldn't let it dry and give it multiple treatments when I have been clipping it and slowly watching it grow back after a week.

If you do try to use 12M HNO3, make sure you cover the surrounding skin with parafilm because the wart would absorb the nitrates slowly, whereas the skin saturates faster and dies fast than a wart. The wart area didn't hurt, the 20 microlitres that got on uninfected skin burned like hell for about 2 hours.


O yeah, you will need to clip the nail and wart as far back as comfortable and allow it to soak for a minute or two. I personally found it to be as painful as liquid nitrogen but not liquid nitrogen on fingernail.


A question for 'Experimental OCD Chemist': when you are saying 1:1 solution of nitric acid - do you imply one part of 100% nitric acid mixed with one part of water? I am not chemist, so I have no idea how to mix acid or where to even buy 100% nitric acid. I found online 10% nitric acid - will this work??


I've had plantar warts for 3 years. I tried everything. I finally found a podiatrist that has been using a derivative of African Beetle saliva. It's worked fabulously. I'm in Pheoenix, AZ. It is not a pleasant treatment, but it got rid of mine when nothing else would. Check into it. You might have to dig to find a physician who is up to date.


I had a plantar wart for over 10 years. It had expanded so much the bottom of my left foot was almost entirely covered. I have tried everything in the book freezing, cutting, wart medications. Last time I went to the doctor he said my case had no solution and the only thing he could come up with with injecting my foot with chemo therapy liquid, however besides very painful he could not tell me how many times I was going to have to repeat the process or if it was going to be effective. I said forget it and pray to God for a solution. Thankfully I ran into this website. I did the lemon with the ACV and duct tape. Is been about 3 months now and could happily report my foot is almost heal. After the first month I started doing the treatment every other day as my foot got very sensitive and it was painful to sleep or walk. It had taken a while and persistent, but is all worth it and it does not compare to the pain I went through with previous treatment. DON'T GIVE UP, THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!!!

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