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3:20Am..and I have been up all night.The pain started yesterday morning when I was at work. I have tried other remedies on this site and none of them worked.... but this did! Take two Midol and two tylenol...pain was gone in a few minutes!! Wish I would have thought about this befor!! And men,you can take midol too! It wont hurt you!

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Jason Butkovich

Listen, I found the best. Ignore all the other stuff, I promise this will work everytime instantly. And even for a couple weeks minimum. But remember, before i tell you the quick fix, start looking for anti biotics. HinT: the pet stores use them for Fish aquariums. Anyways, take something and find the exact area of pain. Dry area with cotton, toliet paper whatever, and apply super glue to the entire area. Use the 'Gel' kind. It wont hurt you, i use it always. If you dont feel the pain almost instantly stop throbing, then the area is still exposed and needs to be covered. Sometimes though you may think that its one tooth when actully its the one next to it. make sure that you get between then if that is where the cavity is. And see a dentist if you can afford it. Hope this helps i know it will better than any other remady.


NO! TOO MUCH acetaminophen... you can double up on normal otc doses, but too much acetaminophen isn't good.. midol's main ingredient is acetaminophen the same as tylenol.. try taking three advil and two tylenol(ibprofin and acetaminophen).. Good luck!


I totally agree with the overdosing. Make sure you read the labels. You can mix different meds (i.e. like ibuprofen an Tylenol) and alternate but never take too many of the same kind... then that dentist bill we all are avoiding turns into a costly ER bill from an overdose.
-good luck with the pain.


i have alo tried pamprin, it works wonders on tooth pain. i even had my dad try it and now he swears by it!


i have also tried pamprin, it works wonders on tooth pain. i even had my dad try it and now he swears by it!

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