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when my son was a baby he was alergic to most diapers (I got lucky he wasn't alergic to the cheapest brand) but until I found the right one he was always getting blistering rashes then my aunt told me to take corona (not the drink) and mix with vasaline just enough to make it easy to spread and coat the rash area with in a few hours the rashes were almost completely gone.
Unfortanatly I can't find corona were I live. Corona is a salve used on cow utters when they get sore and it works miracles on diaper rash.

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this sounds like Bag Balm, which is used for he same thing. It's found at Wal-Mart in the animal section, it comes in a small green tin. the stuff works wonders, i use it on my son who gets blistering, oozing, bleeding diaper rashes. his bum is extra-sensitive, so i only use it when no blistering or bleeding have occured.

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