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Look at the ingredients on the back of you shampoo bottles. If you see ammonium lauryl sulfate. I suggest to discountinue use. Ammonium Lauryl sulfate. Is what they use to make the shampoo soapy. This causes dandriff, itchy skin, and burning. If will be hard to find a product with out this ingredient. Because 95% of shanmpos contains this. I would try looking for organic

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This is exactly what I did - I had a horrid case about 6 months ago, used the shampoo - JASON Biotin (but all their shampoos are lauryl and lauryth free) and it was completely gone in 2 weeks! (and it had been there for 3 months earlier!)


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate are DETERGENTS. They are cleansing agents. Everybody's scalp reacts to cleansing differently. Especially if you are using a cheap store bought Shampoo and cond. Removing all the bacteria on your scalp is not healthy. It's like those antibacterials that everyone likes to buy. They're good up to a certain point but using too much is a bad thing. Organic and natural products are very good for maintaining a healthy environment for hair and skin. But some people can be allergic to certain ingredients used in the products so read what you buy before purchasing!!!


What I see a lot of actually is cocamide mea and another product used for foaming which is actually cocunuts!! It is bad for people like me who are allergic to coconuts we found that is my source of dandruff I was using shampoos Im allergic to!! Even my skin would itch it was terrible!

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