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Okay... my recomendation is to cut out Soda completely... doing this is REALLY HARD but it seriously WORKS!! just drink lots of water and a glass of skim milk a day! i lost 5lbs. the first week and 2lbs. every week after! without exercise! yay! :P

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Yes, absolutely. I have been ranting and raving all over this site about this. Water, water, water!!!
You'll get used to it after a while. Those soda drinks are evil.


Too bad i dont drink soda in the first place!!!!!!!!!


for those of you who are reading this and thinking... well i drink diet soda... you can drink two regular sodas to equal ONE diet soda because of what it does to your metabolism not to mention what the ingredients can do to your body in general so you are better off sticking with water im trying to kick the diet and regular out of my life too!

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