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Boil some coconut in 8 ounces of water for three or four minutes and drink slowly throughout the day.

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I've had chronic diarrhea for months now and am truly sick of it, especially as Immodium no longer works. I had some Vita Coco in the fridge and mixed some in with plain water and drank it throughout the day. By the next day it was gone, so I stopped drinking it... the diarrhea came back. I've been drinking nothing but this for days now and it made me constipated. I drank none yesterday to hopefully get 'regular' again today... I have diarrhea again. I'm almost out of coconut water now, but I'm wondering if maybe I need to fiddle with the amount/days I drink, etc. Thank you for a few days of relief in what has been a nightmare for me for about 9 months now.

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