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A hangover is mostly due to dehydration and so the drinking a lot of water trick works. For every drink (shot, beer, glass of wine, mixed drink, etc.) you need a glass of water to compensate for water loss. You can drink water inbetween drinks or right before you go to bed. But sometimes drinking water makes people sick and does not replenish all the vitamins your liver and kindneys secreted to get rid of the alcohol.
I work at two bars and this is the ancient cure bartenders use... I saw someone else post the viatamins Milk Thristle (May not have spelled that right) and a B Complex pill. This remedy is similar to it. Infact chances are that you can order this at the bar. You can take this before the hangover to prevent it or while you have it. Take a B Complex vitamin pill with some Soda Water with a few dashs of Anistogia Bitters in it. You need to drink about 6 oz of the Soda Water with Bitters. If you throw it up try it again. Your stomach was just too upset to keep it down the first time. If you still have a headache take something to relieve that, but you should give the bartenders remedy sometime to sit in before you put anything else in you body.
You can also try Resurrect, a hangover drink cure. It was hard for me to get this down sometimes so I have to buy at least 2, but if you don't have the Vitamins handy or the soda water and bitters you should try it. The Bartenders Method is cheaper in the long run though and like I said you probably can order it at the bar. The Bitters and Soda water you can and then you can run to the store to get b complex vitamins on your way home.
Some energy drinks have a combination of the carbonation and the B vitamins needed to help the hangover subside so read the lables to see if it might work.
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