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My daughter is prone to get head lice all the time.And using the chemical shampoos is not healthy, so instead i used Olive Oil. I put it in her hair so it's good and slick,makin sure the entire head is wet,then i put a shower cap on her head and let it stay on over night and the next morning shampoo with regular shampoo.I did that for a week and it was gone!.The Olive oil smothers the babies in the eggs and the live lice, and the olive oil makes the hair soo smooth it's impossible for them to remain in the hair and reproduce 'laying more eggs'.Still treat your household ,vacumming,washing everything..anything clothe,hot dryer for 1 hour to kill the lice&eggs.

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Congratulations to anyone who got olive oil to work. I tried it week after week, sometimes every night, with hour after hour of nit combing my hsir. It doesn't kill them because they don't smother easily. Obviously I was inefffective in nit combing too despite how sure I was that I did a really tremendous job of it.

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