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PaPa Jeem

Dog Mange: 1% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide. You get this with a 3% Solution bottle from Wal-Mart poured into a container then fill the bottle with water twice and add to the same bucket. One part 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and 2 parts water equal a 1% solution. The water dilutes the 3% solution to 1% solution. Now put in borax until it won't dissolve any more and you're done. Borax is not a laundry soap it is a chemical (boric acid mostly) and is used as a laundry booster. Its cheap and available at Wal-mart as well. It won't hurt the all. There are some kennels that suggest a dose in the food (I think this is unwise) but the borax bath is kills the fleas as well. Hope this helps as the previously left instructions are a bit convuluted....CHEERS!

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Hello how are you all doing . good as i never been here befour but i do have two dogs one a female rottie and cockapoo with bishon in it and where i am from i have blackflies and was trying to find some i can put on them so the blackflies wont bit them.

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