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Someone once told me to think sugar as a 'white poison'. Not that it is of course, but if you can stay away from cake, chocolate, pop, candy etc. and obtain your sugar cravings and needs through fruit, honey, and some vegetables you'll find yourself much better off.

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sugar really is bad! it causes all kinds of diseases like cancer over time, makes u age faster, and makes u feel like crap. It can also can cause anxiety and stress. STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR! if you want something sweet, i suggest using stevia. its a natural sweetener that is safe and contains no calories. You can typically find it in thr natural foods section of a grocery store.


Yes. I find I go through periods where I crave and consume a lot of sugar, but you can wean yourself off of it over time. The more you eat, the more you crave, so gradually come off it.
I drink a lot of water, and avoid juices and sugarydrinks. Although I will indulge in the occasional Kool Aid splurge.
I would get way into chocolate, and cookies, sweet cereals, etc, and find the more I ate, the more I craved, and it was hard to come off it. Try incorporating more natural forms of sugar like honey, or dried fruits in to your diet, instead. Trail mix is good.


'White Poison' is what we call it in our household.. Use raw sugar when you do have to use sugar.. It really is much better for you and doesn't have all the chemical processing in it.

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