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Removal of skin tags can be painlessly done with a pair of toenail clippers. Just sterilize the area around the skin tag and the clippers with rubbing alcohol and very slowly squeeze the skin tag with the clippers positioned near the skin. If done slowly enough, the nerve in the skin tag will die, due to the blood supply being cut off, and you won’t feel anything when it’s cut off. I suggest using an anti-biotic cream afterwards, to prevent any infections. I tried this on a couple large skin tags and had no problems.

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This was relativley painless. I used a flat toenail clipper. These are intended for the big toe and are very sharp so they worked great for this. Very little bleeding.


I tried using toenail clippers along with numbing the tag with ice first.. there was almost no pain at all. I did get a little blood... but nothing major.


I was scared to death to do this cuz I'm scared of pain. I tried it though, did everything but i numbed it with ice for 1 minute. YOu have to go slow soon as I clipped down it hurt alot but i kept it there to kill the nerve as suggested then the pain went away and put more pressure on the clippers, and even more, no pain, finally i felt a pop and it clipped it off. I'm sooo thankful cuz it was huge, and right on my crotch! Really embarrasing area to have one. I bled alot actually though. I ton, more then I expected so now it's covered by neosporin on a bandaid hopefully won't leave a huge scab but i'm just glad it's gone, this really works, don't be afraid of the clipping it really in the end wasn't that bad, the blood scared me though the amount of it.


Tried this and it worked great.
Very little pain, just a bit of blood.
I thought 'This is going to hurt'. No it didn't. Can't guarantee that for you, just saying. Was a fairly small skin tag, however.

Definitely sterilize the area before and after as well as the clippers with rubbing alcohol, etc.


Toenail clippers worked great. Virtually painless & hardly any blood.

Rose G

Wow, it really worked!! Had a couple of tags that had been bothering me for years, thought about using the thread remedy but didn't want to wait for a week for it to fall off. Decided to try the clippers and if it hurt too much I would stop, but just as described it was a sharp pinch at first but then it stopped and then by applying a little more pressure it snipped right thru!! Very little blood and now they are gone - thanks so much for this tip.

Nurse Flutterby

This was amazing! Worked VERY well & had no bleeding at all.
As a registered nurse I had spoken to a doctor colleague & he suggested tying off the skin tag, which I was going to do ... I thought I would do a little research first & was SO glad I came across this suggested method.
My skin tag was located on my lower belly & was quiet small (about 1/2 cm). There was a fleeting sting once I grabbed the skin tag in the clippers & applied a small amount of pressure but it was very minimal & lasted a few seconds only. I took about 30 seconds to increase the pressure, all the while expecting the pain, which gladly never came! Within 30 seconds the skin tag was clipped off! No pain, no bleeding, just a very tiny area of localized redness.
I'm so impressed with this & thankful for this post :-)
Just a few things I wanted to clarify though :
I want to advise it is important that you have a definitive diagnosis of a skin tag & not just assume from internet research. IF the growth is cancerous, snipping it off in this way may spread the cancer.
I would proceed with caution in larger skin tags, as they most likely will have a vascular supply resulting in uncontrolled bleeding in some people, particularly people on medications such as Warfarin, Aspirin & Ibuprofen.
The skin tag does not have a nerve present as suggested, but may have a vascular supply meaning it has small capillaries supplying it with blood. You do not need ice to numb the area first however ice will assist in constricting the blood vessels which may decrease the risk of bleeding.
And please remember to sterilize everything you use prior to using it, clean the skin tag well with an alcohol solution or wipe prior to performing the clipping & use an antiseptic cream after you have clipped the skin tag off!
Happy snipping :-)

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