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I used to wake up angry and was angry a lot in the day for no apparent reason.
Then I found out I had diabetes and cut my sugar intake down to almost nothing.
What a difference getting off sugar made in my life. No more anti-social behavior and I feel great.
Too much sugar is really, really bad.

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One more thing. EXERCISE. Ages ago I knew a girl who lived at home, and her dad was VERY strict, and they argued a lot. She confessed that she would go out and play tennis and the exertion made her feel better. I have found that dancing with hand weights and doing punches helps me a lot. I get to vent a bit, and get my blood up, so the adrenaline feels like it got to be used. Plus it releases endorphins.. Yay for feel good hormones!

I think the exercise because it builds muscle and muscle burns energy helps to keep your blood sugar stabilized.

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