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I used to wake up angry and was angry a lot in the day for no apparent reason.
Then I found out I had diabetes and cut my sugar intake down to almost nothing.
What a difference getting off sugar made in my life. No more anti-social behavior and I feel great.
Too much sugar is really, really bad.

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Smoke a fat one


sugar made you angry all the time??
I have a friend who is like that ,I
thought he had Mood swings or OCD,
too much sugar??? WOW!!

janet how did you do it,get rid of sugar? How long ? How did it make you angry all the time??

janet here, how did you get rid of sugar?? how long did it take?? How did it make you angry??


WTF? Are you guys really listening to this fool?


Interesting... every time i eat sugar i get really hyper and it is easy for me to get angry.


actually it's not ridiculous at all! i'm hypoglycemic and sugar really sends me into a rollercoaster. not everyone has the same swings due to sugar, but lowering your sugar intake to see if it helps can't do any harm that's for sure


Thank you for sharing, I appreciate that. I've been researching anger issues, and I also have been researching possible allergy sources for a problem with eczema in my ears, yes in the ear. Sugar seems to exacerbate the ear issue. And I've been concerned with my level of anger lately, sometimes for no reason, I'm just angry. Interesting link. Very interesting. Cutting out sugar is going to take some focus. Another interesting tidbit, I'm also ADD, and I have belly fat...which some say is a sugar issue. very interesting. Problem is I love it! bah. No more though, I've just got to get rid of it. Luckily I've ditched chocolate for good about 3 months ago, which was easier than I thought. (and I was shoveling that stuff in!) I control me. Not sugar. Not chocolate. Not anything! I support your peace, and I support your sugar free! (I don't support artificial sugars in place of sugar-that's a whole host of other problems)


This is definitely one of the things I check for when I am feeling angry, i.e. is my blood sugar too high or low.

When I feel angry I try to check myself over real quick like a parent would a child, Am I tired, hungry, thirsty, hurt, etc. Sometimes just realizing 'oh, I bet if I were not so tired, hungry, etc, I'd not be feeling this intense' allows me to mentally step back and take a deep breath.

But really it depends on what is triggering your anger. If I am not 'in the middle' of a heated situation, and I can buy some time before I 'react' I usually find that I am calmer the next day. Then I have time to find out exactly why the situation is triggering my anger. Often it is because I feel like I have no effective plan or means to deal with the situation I am in. So I try buy some time to brainstorm and tell myself I can get mad later if I need to but I need to focus on understanding the situation, why it makes me mad, and possible solutions.

If it is another person causing the frustration, sometimes there is a communication gap. I have found putting myself in their head and looking at the situation from their end is helpful because you can usually see what is triggering their behavior and talk to them about it and offer reassurances or ask thoughtful questions that make them realize that you are open to trying to understand their point of view, which if the person knows and trusts you, will usually lead to a resolution of sorts.

This is more difficult with strangers or crazy people who are not trusting or kind. The best bet there is to communicate your boundaries in a non-hateful manner.

If I hit a dead end then I usually try to find a wise and trusted friend and tell them my situation, often they see something that I am missing, and can explain it to me.

When all else fails, I will disconnect myself from people who are impossible to deal with. This has only happened a couple of times, and was definitely for the best. You are only as strong as your weakest link and unhealthy relationships are weak links to your mental well-being.


I also look at my diet, not just am I hungry, am I getting all of my nutrients, do I feel lethargic, am I getting enough protein and B-vitamins. Is my blood sugar level? Also, I know we are supposed to avoid the sun, but Vitamin D does seem to make me feel better. I work inside and try to get out a little bit if I can during the day.

I used to keep my bedroom window covered in dark drapes, But I have it with light colored curtains now and I get up earlier now and that helps me get more light which has seemed to improve my mood.

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