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Excessive bleeding during periods. Avoid drinking tea during cycle. Friends who had to stay home from work because of heavy bleeding tried this and it works!

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Summited by bleeder 2

Yea I need Tom Green too Cuz I'm so tired of bleeding I don't know what too do now It been a month off and on and its driving me crazy smh what can I do!!

Curious girl

Ive been bleeding for a whole month and i feel so drained out... an tied all the time and expensive to keep buyn stuff to plug it up there. What is the really bestest thing to get rid of it or make it come out slowly. Just over it an so is my boyfriend we want to have a family together but with this period its stopping us to have a family...


Glad to read the comments, they msde me laugh, just what i needed.
On a more serious note, ibuprofen does help, take worth milk or food (to coat a sensitive stomach). Go organic, easy less processed foods, eat less meat but organic when you do. Because of fibroids my doctor wanted to do a complete hysterectomy. I opted for a D and C and ate the above diet. It's been successful and currently normal periods for 8 months now. The idea of a hysterectomy freaks me out. I pray this continues to work. Best wishes and good luck ladies...


Tom can seriously suck all the blood loogies coming out of me every 5 minutes! I'm dying here!!!


LMAO!!!! These comments! ????

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