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I came across an herbalist who said adding garlic powder to wet cat food will get rid of tape worms.
I did a particularly heavy dose on my two cats and sure enough it worked!
No more worms and for under $1
I'm sure if you added a smaller amount a few times it would also work.

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boo shoot! well maybe it work.... will try it! :-)


I've heard that garlic and onion powder can cause anemia in cats and kill them. If it was me I would spend more money to safely kill the worms instead of my cat!


Garlic is ok--onions shouldn't be fed to cats--they'll cause anemia and are toxic.

Tuscan Equine

Ok, simply: if your cat has worms... PROBLEM! Garlic or some other food/spice/whatever, will not clean out the worms. Vet perscribed medication is a must. You may think your cat is clean from the worms after the garlic solution, but the next visit to your vet, and you may get the screamer on why you didnt bring your pet in earlier to get properly treated!


I herd onion was dangerous for cats to so i assumed garlic wouldn't be good for them this is one home remedies I wouldn't try I don't want to take chances with my love ones


Garlic keeps your cats and dogs free from fleas too!!


There is a substance in Garlic and onions that is toxic to Cats and Dogs. (the substance is more potent in onions) Both onion and garlic are bulbs/lily plants. Lilies are highly toxic and no portion of them should ever be fed to an animal with out consulting a medical opinion. Please check with a vet before you give your pet any 'home remedies' to make sure they're safe.


please dont it will set up anima and you will spend more to get the cat healthy the to get some worm meds

C. Preston

I too added garlic to my puppy's diet, and a little over a week later the tape worms were gone. Garlic is now a staple in my dog's diet.


I give my 35lb border collie about a clove of garlic daily. I used to literally feed her a clove but would find them when I pick up her poop so I figured I should mince it in the food processer. I used it b/c Frontline doesn't work as well anymore against fleas and ticks. I've read it takes an entire bulb to start the process (I think its called 'Heinz') that kills your dog, unless of course your dog is specifically affected by garlic and onion. But at her weight a clove daily is enough to get the pores to emit the garlicky smell which fleas, ticks and mosquitos hate). Also have heard of foster/rescue parents making a garlic solution sometimes with condensed milk for a dewormer and they've purged pretty large worms. Lots of benefits... worming is one of them.

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