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I have had Psoriasis for 2 years. I'm 27 years old and this whole thing has freaked me out. I cannot afford a dermatologist and lately it's been spreading BAD. So I did a little online research and came across a lady who said she used bag of balm to cure her Psoriasis. I have been applying it for 3 day as well as a over the counter salytic acid 3% and it's already starting to clear up.
Wish me luck!

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Would any one know what is Bag of Balm.


I think she meant bag balm, it's like vaseline, it comes in a green tin and you can get it at any drugstore


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i had it too all over i used bag balm on my leggs and wrapped them in surran wrap for about 2 to 3 weeks .can wear in day under long pants and at bed went away and hasnt been back in 13 yrs.i still have it on my scalp but i wouldnt put bag balm in my hair how would you even get it out?But you can buy bag balm cheeper at like a tractor supply or gardening place cheeper than a drug store


Bag Balm is commonlty used on cow utters to keep them from chafing. This is why it is cheaper to purchase at a feed store or 'tractor' place


poriasis is incurable u can not get rid of it.
u can get rid of the red patches but they can and will come back. i have a flar up at the moment im covered fom head to toe but it goes after half a year sometimes longer but ive had it all my life its always come and gone. i dont think anything gets rid of it its just a coincidence when it starts to go


I have had psoriasis now for four years with no break at all. Patches in different areas clear up, but others appear elsewhere. I am at my wits end. Nothing works.

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