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S McKinney-Mittlestadt

I've had eczema all my life and it always comes back. I have several food and skin allergies so, I don't use anything with fruit or nuts. Vinegar, Noxema, vaseline, and alcohol also dry out my skin. Hot oatmeal baths help as long as you're consistent and oatmeal or nutmeg mixed with honey and applied directly until itching stops works, also. Afterward, apply Eucerin, Aveeno, or Gold bond (white and gold bottle only) Remember to drink lots of water, take B vitamins with vitamin E oil daily, keep infected area clean (use dove or other unscented soaps), and stay away from hairy pets, lint, dust, and pollen. If you can stop yourself from scratching, try to be aware of that while you're sleeping, too.

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K. Johnston, Alberta

I've known that honey is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic for a while (amongst other healing properties) so I tried mixing it with the nutmeg, spreading a bit on with a spoon and covering it with some gauze and tape (an area about the size of an egg). Seems to have relieved the burning very quickly, hoping for good results overnight. Easy remedy in my cupboard.

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