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Warm grated onion slightly in microwave, and drop a few drops of juice into ear with dropper...worked within minutes for my young baby who suffered extreme ear ache and infections....crying stopped instantly!!!!!

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I have always had problems with my ears. This past ear infection, I have had for 2 months. I used antibiotic ear drops, as well as oral antibiotics, and neither worked. I have also tried peroxide, garlic and olive oil, but the onion juice really works the best. I put some in my ear this morning, and within about 2 minutes the pain was GONE!!

Mother of 3 -Tracey

Thank you so much for's 4:40 in the morning, and the lil one is fast asleep after using the onion juice. I agree with lady who said that it should be bottled. The author of this post has, more than likely, contributed to less ER in the middle of the night visits and certainly more sleep for the WHOLE family. God Bless you!


My 3year old daughter started crying non stop of ear pain early tonight, so we were debating to take her to the ER. Came accross this site, and my husband and I decided to try this before packing the other kids in the car to drive to the ER at midnight. BEYOND amazed!!! three drops and she has been sleeping peacefully for 20 minutes now. THANK YOU for such wonderful information!!


worked on my 2 yr old. THANK YOU to the initial poster and to all of you who added your positive experience. It gave me the confidence to use it. Next day and she still feels great.


This was amazing. I woke in the middle of the night in tears my ear was hurting so bad and turned on the computer and saw this rememdy. Within 5 min I was sound asleep. Thanks so much for posting.


My son was complaining that his ear was hurting, (he's been getting ear infections almost every month) I grated a piece of onion on a plate, microwaved it and put it in a paper towel and squeezed it in his ear. He stopped complaining immediately.
I have read from previous posts that it relieves the pain, but will it get rid of the actual infection? I can't put him on another antibiotic!!!
Daniella (Brooklyn, NY)


MARCO felt better immediately!!! great remedy!


My 6 yr old complanined of his first earache due to a cold and he was asleep in about five minutes of trying the onion juice remedy. Kuddos~

from Wisconsin

my daughter had a very bad earache. I just tried the onion worked. thanks!!!

katherine mother of 2yr old

I got home and my 2 year old daughter was telling me that her ear was hurting and she began to cry. Her dr office is closed on saturdays so I looked up home remedies and saw this. It took me a few min to get the onion juice.(The trick is to take a piece of onion in a mug and take a spoon and press the onion against the side of the mug with the spoon). Once i got it in the dropper and in her ear she cryed for 1 min if that and now 1 hour later she has not even metioned her ear, and is dancing to the beatles. Im so happy that this helps and im going to tell everyone about this! THANKS SO MUCH!

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