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Warm grated onion slightly in microwave, and drop a few drops of juice into ear with dropper...worked within minutes for my young baby who suffered extreme ear ache and infections....crying stopped instantly!!!!!

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OH MY GOODNESS! I woke up last night with the WORST earache. I was up for 4 hours trying to pop it. I tried everything from a warm towel, peroxide, Qtips,olive oil, yawning..everything! Then I ran across this page. I have no health insurance at the moment and a very busy schedule so I didn't have the time OR money to go get this treated. In desperation I tried this and Im simply amazed! I put 2 drop in at 7am and by 7:30 I was sleeping like a baby! Granted my ear still feels like it needs to pop, the pain is gone and Im hoping with time it will pop on its own. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I truly appreciate it!!!


MY 13 yr old daughter crying all day today with another ear infection. We google and find this tonite and no more crying. Worked so fast I was amazed. THANK YOU.. THANK YOU

Lisa, WI

My 10 year old daughter woke up at 1am crying and in great pain holding her ear, I gave her some tylenol and did the onion drops, the change was INSTANT and at 8:15 in the morning she is still sleeping. Her comment in the middle of the night was 'I don't know if it is doing anything but it doesn't hurt now'.


My daughter was crying with an earache when I got home from work. I googled ear ache home remedy, happened on this site and tried the onion remedy. I was very happy to see that it worked almost immediately. What a great solution.


Awesome... I was very skeptical, but at 2:30 in the morning with my 4 yr old screaming, anything sounds good...
In a about a minute she said it's fine now, and just fell asleep! Would totally do this again.




It even works good in adults.


my six year old boy woke up at 4 in the morning crying and he had all the pain meds that i could give him so i googled ear infections and did what they said to do about the onion juice. it was worked!!!! amazing...


I didn't have an onion so I tried the onion seasoning method and it DID NOT work for me.


I just tried this on myself and it did not work!!! It made my ear pain worse! I would never do this to my son.

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