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Warm grated onion slightly in microwave, and drop a few drops of juice into ear with dropper...worked within minutes for my young baby who suffered extreme ear ache and infections....crying stopped instantly!!!!!

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Kristi & Sydney

My 5yr old daughter had been suffering w/ear ache since she had a month long cold & everything I tried was 'short' term. I tried the onion juice drops & within 3 min(literally) she was saying her ear was fine!! Amazing !! I was so thrilled that her pain lifted & maybe now we both can get some sleep...Thanks ALOT!! Kristi & Sydney in Wisconsin


My son had a terrible earache, Tylenol did not help. The onion juice worked in less then 5 minutes, he said it's also very soothing.
Thank you!


The onion remedy worked for my son, who woke up screaming in pain around 2:00 am. I didn't have any onions in the house, and I was home alone with another child sleeping, so I used dried onion seasoning. Just added 2 tsp of water and microwaved for 45 seconds. I squeezed the onion juice out and let it cool for about 30 seconds before putting it in his ear. He whined for about 4 minutes, but was sound asleep by the 5 minute!!

Great solution - thanks for sharing!!

Angela & Tommy, Chicago IL


Oh wow! I just tried this on myself! I get ear infections very often..and I feel so much better already!


THANK YOU!!! I woke up because my ear infection was hurting sooo bad but now it feels so much better! Thank you for sharing your idea!!


wow, i thought that it was a little far fetched.. I couldn't get any sleep but tried the onion juice and slept like a baby. thanks a bunch!

Robin & Kenley

I don't know how this stuff works, but it works great!! I have a sick 10 year old and had already used Aurodex (a earache med that has Antipyrine and Benzocaine), ibuprofen, pseudophed, benadryl and a heating pad. She was screaming, crying, and rolling around on the bed begging me to make it stop. And you have to know her, she doesn't usually complain about anything. I tried the warm onion juice and I swear within seconds, she said the pain stopped. I'm gonna tell everybody I know!! The doctor said it was probably just the warmth of the liquid but I'm not so sure. I don't care if it's all in her head, if it works!!!


Amazing! Worked great on our 8 year old! I was sceptical, but urgent care was closed and so we tried the onion juice. Simply amazing!


WOW! my daugter was BEGGING me to make the pain go away, my husband had gone to the pharmacy for some motrin but she kept asking me why it was taking so long. she was screaming and crying it was horrible! so i found this remedy and thought it cant hurt! within minutes she was asking to get up and play! and she swore it no longer hurt at all. we put this in her ear around 7 writing this at 8:10 am and she still has no pain. someone should bottle this stuff and sell it!


My 11yo has had a nasty cold which is winding down with a double earrache, but no problem! As soon as we used this remedy the pain went away. I have applied this method since my children were very young and ALWAYS works. I add grated garlic to the onion as well.

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