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If you want to give your hair protein mix avacados and mayonaisse. Then wash thouroughly and condition as usually.

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I am wary of using avocado in my hair because of the pulp. I have very curly dark hair, and the last time I used avocado I was brushing/combing/pulling dried straw colored avocado pulp out of my hair for a week.


Take melatonin, available over the counter at most drug stores. It is a synthetic hormone that mirrors the melatonin that your body produces during your natural sleep cycle. It is widely used by people who travel a lot between time zones because it can help re-set the sleep cycle.

I would recommend taking it 60-90 minutes before you want to fall asleep, and taking it at the same time for 4-6 days. You will then notice that you actually start to get tired around bedtime.


Good old fashioned exercise can help take the edge off of depression.


i used this mixture and was also combing chunks of pulp out of my hair only to realize the pulp was actual hair did i do something wrong

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