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A Cure for Burning Sore Throat

I had a very bad sore throat that felt like it was on fire. I mixed vinegar and warm water and gargled. I must say that within seconds to minutes my throat was healed.

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i just got this cold / sore throat and im going to try this. cause i am going to the jonas brother concert tomarow, and i hope im healed


sure it helped within a few seconds, but it was gone within the same amount of time...


Just tryed this.Throat feels much better still sore but not burning so much.Taste´s
like i eaten salt and vinegar crisps.yummy!


Very good


This remedy really didn't work. It tasted terrible. I would NOT recomend this treatment!


WOW!!! This stuff really works!!
Thank you very much!


oh my goodness thank you this realy works i just did this like 20 sec. ago i can feel it god bless you


Thank you I have a very bad sore troat in 3 days I use spray, sore throat drops it does'nt getting any better it getting worse. now i feel better it taste nasty I don't care I feel better.


I'm 14, and i gargled a whole cup one sip at a time, and the pain is pretty much gone. i stil feel my scrathchy voice, but it is not burning all that much anymore.


Wow the pain reduced by about 75%! Still there but definitely going down. I have to sing tonight so that's why I tried it! Thanks so much!

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