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A Cure for Burning Sore Throat

I had a very bad sore throat that felt like it was on fire. I mixed vinegar and warm water and gargled. I must say that within seconds to minutes my throat was healed.

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I have used this remedy for may years however it takes a couple of day not minutes for my wife and I.


I literally just tried this like less than one minute ago..And honestly the pain has reduced by like 90%. Thank you so much!


this works pretty well thanks!


Hey good find, not completely gone but once i was done gargelling i could feel a difference


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This is a great cure! I just tried it and my throat feels better. Granted I still have a raspy voice...but the pain when swallowing was gone within the first gargle!!! AMAZING


OMG! I have to say that I didn't believe this would work, but i tried it, gargled 3 times just to be sure, and I my pain is about 90% gone! I am amazed! :)not to mention very happy! :)


F-You..that was the worst thing ever. I was dry heaving in the sink and my throat still kills

still in pain

Wow that was nasty. the vinegar burned my tongue and throat. I had a hard time breathing after. My throat still hurts. I'll put honey in it and try again in an hour.

still hurts

So I waited an hour and heated it up. It was still nasty and burned. I read on another website that the burning will kill the bacteria. Next I took 1 Tbs honey and lemon juice with warm water and gargled. (Don't let the lemon juice touch your teeth) My throat feels a little better but now I am getting hoarse. I just got this cold yesterday. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

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