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Cut a piece of fresh onion and place it on the side of your mouth where the tooth ache is coming from. It works almost immediately. And if you begin to feel a little pain again, just very slightly bite into the onion, just enough to let some juice escape. This works great for tooth aches that keep you awake at night or from doing work during the day.

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THANK GOODNESS FOR WHOEVER POSTED THE ONION. OHHHHHHH MY GOOOOODNESS! IM WRITIN U AT 11pm where I almost just ripped my own tooth out. I had a seal come out of my tooth and a janky dentist who didn't fill the hole, that is big enough for a fingernail. so at my last wailing moment I saw this onion-which I was afraid to try and YES!!! it works. im calling a dentist n the morning..... Thank you!!!!


I've got the onion in my mouth right now...dulling the pain to an tolerable cavity issue must be bad. I only like sauteed onions, so this wasn't my first choice. I tried garlic, and it burned my cheeks and gums, so not a good idea if it's already affected the surrounding areas. I hope the onion kicks in a little's been 5 minutes.


Cut up a small piece of onion and placed in between the gum and lip above the tooth that was in pain. The pain subsided quickly and I am feeling much better. Able to function again, moments before were complete agony.


I have tried salt water, listerine until i was sweating tears, peppermint extract, vanilla extract, sensodyne brushing ( which hurts like **** ) to touch it and have no insurance to go to the dentist and have previously been laid off with no savings, so am stuck with the pain. I WILL be trying the ONION and will reply again tonight or tomarrow. Hope it works!!


wow ! something that works I was in the er all day 2 and a half days ago they give me pain pills and anit. to get better said it was sinus headache... BUT THE PAIN WAS IN THE TOOTH they get paid the big bucks not me anyways i am still layin there in pain not able to sleep or anything i saw this this morning tryed it and within seconds it worked ! thank you thank you !!!


ive had a bad tooth only for a few days but it was coming to the point where i wanted to be shot in the head lol, i hate the dentist, i just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH I COULD KISS YOU xxx


the onion worked awesome. Just before the onion i swished some nightquil around my cavities, it worked some. When I got to the onion, i broke off a little piece and grinded it in the cavities and let the juices soak in. The pain started to go away, i didn't want to spit out the onion at first because instinctively i felt it was working. It last long. Very effective remedy. I highly recommend it.


I am 11 weeks pregnant and found out at 8weeks that I had to have my tooth pulled and that I have an empacted wisdom tooth the dentist said I had to wait till i was 14 weeks along to have any work done so you could imagine the pain I am in. I read only a few postings on this oinion thing and went right to the kithen to get a piece. i had to say it did start to work but not right right away but the throbbing had stopped and I went a while before I had to take a bit again and I feel so good about not taking T3's. thank you so much for putting a expecting mother at ease!!!!!!


I absolutely hate onions, but I found this method to work just as well using a pickle instead.


My gods I hate onions, but this is actually working. It's 2am now, and my tooth has been killing me since about 6pm last night. I've tried rinsing with whiskey (worked for about 10 minutes), and I just took some ibuprofin, so I'm hoping that with everything combined, I might actually be able to get some sleep tonight. Thanks to everyone who posted ideas, ya'll are lifesavers.

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